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Throwing off the shackles, this is a good time for long-range decisions and to make sustainable growth. Jupiter-Venus in Libra brings fun and material enjoyment bhoga , and perhaps new love, if also a certain incompatibility or clash of values for two parties from different backgrounds or philosophies - which seems a small problem until one tries to reconcile it.

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Watery ascendants Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces generally do well with Jupiter transits, as do fire signs on the first house. Ruling bad houses and under bad aspects, Jupiter becomes cavalier and entitled, is a superficial thinker, and a giver and receiver of bad advice. Conversely, he falls in Capricorn where his vision is too narrow and calculating.

More generally, the transiting Jupiter Return to its natal position every twelve years is a traditional boost, though much depends on his natal state of grace.

Upping our game and meeting Jupiter halfway is the best way to make his lucky vibes go even further. Otherwise we get a year or so of relative grace only for a quick return to status quo.

Watch against weight gain. Spiritual growth, interest in psychology, inner tensions being dissolved, pilgrimage, time spent in ashram.

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New job or promotion, raising your profile, teaching or mentoring work, gaining authority. Study and travel, finding a guru or philosophy, general blessing and good fortune. Good for married life or finding a partner, lucky for advice and collaborators of all kinds. Good for healing and wellness, allows one to find a job and give good service. Watch against emotional eating. Child birth or pleasure from children, artistic inspiration, political advancement, knowledge of mantras. In other words, you are not a strategist. You believe in living a simple and sober life.

At times, you may be jealous of others. You are interested in working for the welfare of mankind. You also take some steps in this regard. You believe in certain principles and ideals. Due to your talkative nature, you recite many stories about your life to other people. You are often in a state of deep thinking or meditation. You are a philosopher.

Before we conclude this webcast, let us talk about the last sign of the zodiac.

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A planet gets stronger in its own sign. Therefore, you are completely devoted to human welfare. Even when you are isolated, you are able to stay happy and content. You are physically strong and healthy. However, lack of discipline is one of your major problems. All Tags. Tags: jupiter in different rashis effects of jupiter jupiter in various signs jupiter in various rashis jupiter in libra sign.

Premium Reports. Detailed Vedic Horoscope. Discuss With Our Astrologers. Know all the impact, when Jupiter transits into Sagittarius Sign in and lead a better life. Even if there are hurdles and hassles in your personal life, this report will be a one stop solution for all your needs.

If you are planning to expand your existing business, you can take a step forward and expect great results, some can take further risk to start an entirely new business. Jupiter Transit Report is the best guide for you during the coming period of one year and will eventually help you to make the best possible decisions for your life, especially when it comes to your business.

This Jupiter Transit in Aries will bring a bouquet full of opportunities and possibilities for Aries natives as Jupiter will move into the 9th house, the house of destiny. The transit will bring forth success in your job and business. There is a substantial increase in name, fame and respect, both on the professional as well as personal level.

Transit foresees that the family life of Aries people remains peaceful and happy. Trips related to work or with family and friends rejuvenate you. Natives of Aries get a boost of confidence.

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This is a very brief insight on the impact of Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius on your Moon Signs. Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius will not bring such good results for Taurus natives. They may feel uneasy and restless. There are chances of injuries or major ailments. Unexpected financial gains are on the cards; however, risky investments may burn the savings.

Jupiter transit in Libra | Vedic Horoscope Readings

It proves a very less favorable time to make investments. Health and professional issues take a toll on family life resulting in occasional outbursts and bitter confrontations. Jupiter will move into your 8th House, the House of Obstruction. Hence be very cautious. It is advisable to avoid lending money and investing in new projects. Believe in yourself, your capabilities and have faith.

Your interest in Occult sciences, supernatural powers, and magic may increase. During the transiting phase it is advisable to visit holy places and worship your lord. The Jupiter Transit yields favorable results for Gemini natives. Jupiter will move into 7th House, the House of marriage. This phase is extremely favorable for singles, willing to get married.

It is a golden phase for people who are already married. Things will get smooth on the professional front. There are chances of promotion and awards. The family atmosphere remains tranquil and peaceful throughout the course of the transit. Income remains stable; however, it is important to control unwanted expenses. You will get rid of past troubles and problems.

This Guru Transit promises to bring wish and desire fulfillment. Professional requires to give their best at work and to stay away from office politics and gossip mongers. Controversies and conspiracies may bother you. Stay cautious of enemies, imposters and fake people. The transit may affect the married life of Cancer and occasional confrontations may lead to arguments. Though the income would remain constant, hefty expenses may make things financially challenging for Cancer natives.

Pay undivided attention to your health during this transit. Confidence is the key. Hard work reaps fruitful results. This Guru Transit will bring a lot of promising profits for Leo. Jupiter will transit into the 5th House for Leo, which is the house of education.

Jupiter’s Effects in Libra Sign

It is the best time for students. Excellent academic performance, admissions in sought-after institutes and appreciation by mentor and instructor is high on cards. During Jupiter Transit, professionals can expect positive changes, promotions and rewards. The support of peers and superiors drives Leo professionals to put in their best foot forward. Family life would remain calm and composed and married Leo couples can plan to conceive. There is an increment in your social status and reputation. During this Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius in , your belief and interest in religion strengthens.

An auspicious event is likely to be organized at home. As Jupiter will move into 4th house comfort , this transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will bring in favorable and progressive time with respect to different aspects of your life. During this Guru Transit , success will be on the cards for Virgo natives in terms of career and profession.

New job, promotion, changes of job and a transformation in business; like increasing product line is favorable! Your hard work and sincerity will get highly appreciated, enhancing your reputation. As a result of the Jupiter Transit , income for Virgo registers manifold will increase. A new car or house can be foreseen. Socially the natives will get recognize. Things are expected to be smooth on the family and home front as well.

For a detailed insight, Get your own Report. Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius will help Libra people to sharpen their creative skills and surprise everyone with a new energy. The transit to 3rd House promises to bring in appreciation, rewards and laurels for Libra in their career and profession. You will get filled with renewed confidence and energy. Frequent travelling is on the cards during the Jupiter transit Short trips and journeys render positive results. On the romantic front, things will get smooth for you.

In addition, the Jupiter transit in will also bless Libra with some material profits and financial mileage.